Ripon Motor Sport Club
"If in doubt, flat out"

Spectator Information

We want you to enjoy spectating but not at any cost. No view is worth risking your life for. Please stay at the designated spectator areas. Your safety - your life!

When spectating, Safety is the number one concern for everyone, you MUST listen to the marshals and follow their instructions at all times.  If spectators do not comply with the marshals instructions and it is deemed that the stage is unsafe, it WILL be stopped and will not restart until it is deemed safe to do so.  


This year the Riponian will start from Thirsk Rural Business Park with competitors assembling from 8am, and the first cars will leave at 8:30am. Spectator areas are situated at the Wass Moor and Cropton special stages where car parking is available,


Be alert Always expect the unexpected Stay at the designated spectator areas Remember that in an accident anything can happen Always follow the instructions of the marshals Your safety - your life Only a safe rally is a good rally!